We come to you!  Schedule private in-home sessions to address behavioral issues such as aggression, separation anxiety or fear, or  work on general obedience in a one-on-one setting.  Private lessons typically last one and a half hours.  Call for pricing in your area.


Come train your dog at our climate controlled training facility in Lawrenceville or West Athens.  Group classes are a fun way to train and a great way to meet other dog owners!  All classes are ONE HOUR PER WEEK (with the exception of Nose Work classes which are one hour and 15 minutes).

TO REGISTER FOR CLASS: Go to the Register page and click CLIENT REGISTRATION and select the class/location you wish to attend.  Please try to register no later than FIVE days prior to the class start date.  Class sizes are a maximum of 6 dogs unlesss otherwise specified.

PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS will be given after the start of the first class.


PUPPY 101: This is an AKC Star Puppy Program class that incorporates not only basic obedience but all important puppy behaviors for a successful start in life!.  This course covers basic obedience commands such as SIT, DOWN, COME, LEASH WALKING, GOOD HANDLING SKILLS, DROP IT and more, and provides good socialization with other puppies.  This class also covers other behavioral issues like housebreaking, jumping and chewing as well as the AKC Star Puppy evaluation given on the last week of class.   For puppies 3 months and older. (Six week course/ Cost: $130)

BEGINNER OBEDIENCE/ AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN: With three CGC Evaluators on staff at Canine Country Academy, we are excited to again offer the Canine Good Citizen class and test.  This is a beginner obedience class for dogs 12 months and older or for graduates of Puppy 101.  The CGC program was designed by AKC to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.  This class will help prepare dogs and owners to take the ten part test and on the 7th week you have the opportunity to take the CGC test.  This course is especially helpful to any dog/owner teams desiring to join a Dog Therapy program or for any dog owner desirous of having their dog learn good manners.  Click HERE to read about the skills evaluated on the test.  (Seven week course/Cost: $150 includes test fee)

AKC ADVANCED CANINE GOOD CITIZEN: Does your dog have an AKC CGC title already?  Do you want to move on to the next level with your dog?   We are pleased to offer the next level, the Advanced CGC title prep class.  This seven week class will prepare your dog for the skills on the Advanced CGC test and give you the opportunity to test and get your dog’s new title on the seventh week of class.  There is no age limit to take this class or test at the advanced level, however the pre requisite is that your dog must have an AKC CGC title on file.  All skills are tested to simulate real life situations.  Click HERE to read more about what skills are covered in this class and on the test. (Seven week course/ Cost: $160 includes test fee)


**NEW** SO YOU WANT A THERAPY DOG?:  This program is designed to help you assess whether your dog has the potential for therapy work and will offer practical training for upcoming therapy teams to improve and solidify the skills necessary to pass therapy dog evaluations required for organizations such as Therapy Dogs International and Happy Tails.  Services included in this program are the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, a Mock Therapy Evaluation and Therapy Dog training classes starting January 2014.  To schedule your dog’s Canine Good Citizen Test or Mock Therapy Evaluation, please click HERE and select Events.

SCENT WORK:  This new fun activity and sport is sweeping the nation!  Canine Country Academy has trained some of the first Nose Work titled dogs in the Southeast!  This activity will satisfy your dog’s mental stimulation and olfactory needs (“the need to sniff!”) by joining this wonderful class.  Scent Work is also extremely beneficial for dogs lacking in confidence or dogs that need a “job.”  Dogs search and hunt one at a time, so ANY dog of ANY breed or age may enroll in Scent Work.  Class descriptions are below:

Intro to Scent Work: This class teaches your dog the foundation of the game, gets them focused and builds your dog’s intensity to hunt.  This course is particularly helpful for dogs with fearful or reactive issues and is a wonderful confidence builder for your dog.  Students will also learn to hone their own observation skills.  Level 1 is a pre-requisite to Level 2 to build foundational hunting skills.  Level 2 advances searching for primary food reward in multiple locations, interior, exterior and vehicles. (Six week course/ Cost: $135)

Intro to Target Odor:  This class introduces the first odor used in competition.  Problem solving is also a strong component to this class as your dog learns how to hunt and find odor with more challenging hides. Multiple search environments are used. Students must have attended at least one Intro to Scent Work course prior to enrolling in this class. (Six week course/ Cost $135)

Continuing Scent Work:  This class is for students who have completed Intro to Target Odor and wish to continuing honing their dog’s skills searching for odor.   Multiple search environments will be utilized including interior, exterior and vehicle searching.  This course is also for students desiring to build their competition skills and continue onto further target odors.  Pre-requisite: student’s dogs must be proficient on at least one target odor (Six week course/ Cost: $140)


REACTIVE DOG:  Are you embarrassed taking your dog out with you to public places?  Does your dog seem to lose his/her mind when seeing another dog, person or other trigger?  Is your dog suffering from leash frustration?  Then this is the class for you!  This course will help you gain confidence, better leash handling skills and your dog will learn better manners and coping skills when seeing dogs or people that seem to “set them off.”  You will take home valuable training tools to help you and your dog have a less stressful experience when out and about.  Dogs will be pre-screened before acceptance into this class. (Six week course/Cost: $160)  Please note:  we only take a maximum of 3 to 4 dogs for this course


AGILITY FOUNDATIONS FOR COMPETITION: Let the games begin!  Learn about the ULTIMATE dog sport – Agility!  Learn the basics of team work skills needed to enjoy this sport.  The dogs will be introduced to agility obstacles and the humans will strengthen their communication skills with their dogs.  The teams will learn skills through exercises and games to enhance focus and drive.  Some of the elements covered in this course include Health & Motivation of the dog, Equipment, Obstacle Execution, Sequence Work and more!   This course is for dogs 12 months and older.  Please note: you may not move into a Level 2 class unless you have had one session of Level 1 foundation  (Six week course/Cost: $140)


RALLY OBEDIENCE:  Rally obedience is a fun dog sport, combining teamwork with dog and handler with challenging obedience coursework.  This class will prepare dogs and owners to compete in Rally O, or just have fun learning more obedience commands and building teamwork with their dog.  For dogs who have completed Puppy 101 or a Beginner Obedience class or who have basics of Sits/Downs, Recall and Heeling.  (Six week course/Cost: $130)


**NEW**  PAWS UP FITNESS: Paws Up Fitness is a combination weight management and fitness program designed to be an integral part of a veterinarian managed health program for dogs. Designed by a team of Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners , and rehab-trained veterinarians, Paws Up Fitness offers three levels of classes for a safe, effective means to reach and maintain weight and fitness goals.

Trim Paws – For pets who are carrying excess weight; are “couch potatoes” with a low overall fitness level, and healthy senior pets, to help maintain fitness and mobility. Also beneficial to older puppies for fitness foundation. Exercises are low impact to protect joints. Emphasis is placed on importance of veterinary diet recommendations. The classes feature both an educational and exercise component. The dogs have girth measurements taken at the first and last class, so that progress can be measured. Equipment, such as steps/ramps, vestibular discs, wobble board and cavaletti rails will be used.  (Six week course/ Cost: $135)

Pawsercize – This class is geared for the average pet and owner. The class will run like a circuit training class for humans, with a combination of aerobic and strength training stations. Equipment, such as steps/ramps, Bosu balls/peanut balls, wobble board and cavaletti rails will be used. The pets must have an average fitness level (be able to leash walk 20-30 min without difficulty) and no injuries/ lameness issues in order to participate.  (Six week course/ Cost: $135)

Pro Paws – This class is geared towards owners of working and sporting dogs. Being a more advanced level of fitness class, the focus is primarily on proprioception and core strengthening exercises. It works well as a “cross-training” program, or during the “off season” of the sport.  (Six week course/ Cost: $145)


CLICKS FOR TRICKS: We are delighted to offer a NEW tricks class to inspire dog owners to get out of the house and have some fun training with your dogs!  Teaching tricks are not only fun for owners but also help to mentally stimulate your dog’s brain.  Tricks are also a great way to build your dog’s confidence and can help the human/canine bond.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to teach your dog some new and fun behaviors!  For dogs of all ages. (Four week course/ Cost: $125)